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Soft Touch Clamps

Soft Touch Clamps Soft Touch Clamps Soft Touch Clamps
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Product Information

  • 1/4-20 Threaded Components
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Ideal for Light Pressure Clamping
  • Actuates with the Press of a Finger
  • Components Can Be Purchased With or Without Purchase of a Plate

Clamping Solution for CMM Part Fixturing

When fixturing parts to be inspected by a touch trigger coordinate measuring machine, light pressure clamping is all that is necessary. It's also important that the clamping used does not deflect the part, this is especially important when measuring parts made of plastic or other materials susceptible to flexing. Our Soft Touch Clamps offer light pressure clamping with limited deflection when positioned over a rest pad.
Part #AB
View Soft Touch Clamps with Non-Marring Rubber Coated Tip

How Soft Touch Clamps Work

First, by hand screw the aluminum rod's 1/4-20 thread into the fixture plate or into a standoff positioned within reach of the area of the part you wish to clamp down on. Second, turn the alumium clamp arm into position to where it is making contact with the part surface. Third, actuate the clamp by pressing down on the clamping arm with your thumb or index finger until it flexes back against the clamp rod. Once you have finished inspecting the part, pull up on the back of the clamp arm, sliding it up the rod and releasing clamping force.

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