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T-Columns T-Columns T-Columns
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Product Information

  • Material: One-piece stress relieved class 40 Meehanite cast iron or equivalent.
  • Provides an accurate fixturing base for workpieces on horizontal and multi-axis machining centers.
  • Provide a locating and mounting base for fixture plates.
  • Base and upright thickness are milled flat, parallel, and square to .001 in 12".
  • T-Columns are provided with the standard N and JIS mounting configuration.
  • T-Columns are plain, without a grid pattern or holes, on all four sides.
  • Grid patterns, non-standard mounting configurations, and special sizes are available and will be quoted upon request.
  • TE-CO supports these products with a full line of tooling components for your fixturing needs.
  • Hoist rings are also available for proper material handling.


Part No.ABCDEFG Approx. Weight
2540015.7018.0031.756.3020mm1/2" or M12370 lbs.
2540115.7024.0041.756.3020mm1/2" or M12550 lbs.
2540219.7018.0022.007.8720mm1/2" or M12438 lbs.
2540319.7024.0042.007.8720mm1/2" or M12750 lbs.
2540419.7030.0062.007.8720mm1/2" or M121175 lbs
2540524.8024.0042.259.8425mm5/8" or M121065 lbs.
2540624.8030.0062.259.8425mm5/8" or M121595 lbs.
2540712.6015.5031.504.9620mm3/8" or M12225 lbs.


Part No.A8CDEFG Approx. Weight
65400400455804516020mmM12 or 1/2"370 lbs.
654014006101004516020mmM12 or 1/2"550 lbs.
65402500455505020020mmM12 or 1/2"438 lbs.
654035006101005020020mmM12 or 1/2"750 lbs
654045007601505020020mmM12 or 1/2"1175 lbs.
654056306101005525025mmM16 or 5/8"1065 lbs.
654066307601505525025mmM16 or 5/8"1595 lbs.

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