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Tooling Components

The primary role of these components is to accurately and securely hold base materials while they undergo machining processes. TE-CO manufactures everything needed in fixturing set-ups, from t-slot nuts to studs to clamps.

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Spring-Loaded Devices

TE-CO spring-loaded devices are designed to provide accurate, repeatable spring pressures for positioning, indexing and ejection of parts, in addition to acting as a detent catch.  Available in various body and nose materials, end forces, and styles and thread options, TE-CO also produces many custom plungers to address specific customer needs.  Whatever the application involving a spring or ball plunger, TE-CO has the solution.

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single station vise
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Single-Station Vises

TE-CO single station vises are a durable and practical solution that hold parts securely during the machining process.  Vises are available in 4”, 6” and 8” widths and can be mounted quickly and easily to almost any machine table.

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safety engineered hoist rings
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Hoist Rings

TE-CO offers a wide variety of aircraft-grade hoist rings that provide solutions when lifting heavy loads, regardless of the industry.  TE-CO hoist rings help eliminate the chance of pitch, roll and sway when lifting and transporting loads, preventing injury to operators and valuable equipment. Each hoist ring is 200% proof load tested, has a safety factor of 5:1, and has its own serial number for traceability.

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cmm fixturing product
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CMM Fixturing

TE-CO offers a full line of CMM fixturing plates, components and kits for securely holding parts during measurement and inspection processes. With the use of TE-CO plates and components, inspectors can build various configurations of fixtures.  Set-ups can be documented for later use by using the Alpha-Numeric Labeling grid on all TE-CO CMM Fixture Plates.  From automotive to aerospace to medical parts, the TE-CO CMM systems can handle the job.

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Clamping Levers

TE-CO clamping levers are highly efficient devices that secure workpieces or fixtures in position. These solutions provide a lever-operated clamping action for rapid adjustments and release, making them ideal for applications that require frequent repositioning. Clamping levers can engage a clamp, turn a screw or activate mechanisms used in tooling, fixtures and machinery.

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Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps
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Toggle Clamps

TE-CO toggle clamps are versatile clamping devices that provide high clamping force with minimal effort. Typical applications include holding workpieces or fixtures in place during machining operations. Products range from vertical and horizontal handle toggle clamps to pull-action and straight-line action clamps.

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Columns and Plates

TE-CO columns and plates provide effective clamping surfaces for positioning and securing workpieces during setup, fabrication and inspection. Plates and columns are available in many sizes and configurations to meet numerous requirements.

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Since 1926, TE-CO Manufacturing has been a global leader in designing and producing tooling components and workholding solutions across a comprehensive industry range. We work closely with customers to identify the most practical solutions for each application, including customized products that perform unique functions. TE-CO manufactures each product under strict quality control parameters to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and accuracy.

Our primary products and services are workholding solutions. Other offerings include an extensive selection of tooling components, spring-loaded devices, precision vises and innovative fixtures for CNC machining. Our products are designed to enhance productivity and precision in manufacturing.

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The TE-CO Difference

  • Complete Source: TE-CO offers one of the most comprehensive selections of tooling components and workholding solutions. Customers can find the products they need under one roof.
  • Precision engineering: With nearly a century of experience, we design each product with meticulous detail for optimal accuracy, reliability and performance in machining operations.
  • American-made reliability: Our state-of-the-art facility in Union, Ohio, enables us to produce many of our products in America to offer faster lead times than the industry standard.
  • Superior technical expertise: The expert team at TE-CO has decades of experience helping customers determine the most practical, efficient solutions across many applications.
  • Empowering manufacturers: TE-CO products give customers the tools they need to succeed and a competitive edge by enhancing production, efficiency and precision.
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Who We Serve

TE-CO customers include industrial manufacturing companies, OEMs and end users through our distribution network. Many of these companies have discovered versatile, innovative uses for products beyond their traditional functions in manufacturing and workholding. We also serve machine shops and fabrication companies worldwide, helping to maximize efficiency, precision and safety.
Industries we serve include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Space
  • Defense and firearms
  • Medical
  • Heavy Machinery

TE-CO markets products to end users and OEM accounts worldwide through a strategically located network of technical consultants and industrial distributors. Our technical consultants understand the manufacturing and fabrication industries and are familiar with our variety of workholding solutions. We strive to help each customer determine the most practical, efficient product for their unique applications.

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Sales Reps


End User

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Aerospace & Space

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Defense/ Firearms

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90+ Years of Manufacturing Excellence

TE-CO prides itself on offering one of the world’s most comprehensive selections of tooling components and workholding solutions. World-class customer service, superior quality and exceptional technical knowledge have made TE-CO a global leader for nearly a century. Our extensive experience across various applications and industries makes us an unparalleled leader in the workholding industry.

Our innovative 75,000-square-foot facility, ISO 9001:2015 certification and strategic partnerships with various manufacturers ensure the highest level of quality control through each production phase. We also utilize machine programming with the latest software technology and engineering support through a state-of-the-art CAD database.

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  • TE-CO was founded in 1926 as a privately owned OHIO corporation located in Union Ohio.
  • Manufacturing is performed in a modern 75,000 square foot facility.
  • Products are available through an international network of industrial distributors.
  • TE-CO Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
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Hear From Our Customers

We have been purchasing TE-CO products for many years. The products are of a high standard which are always shipped on time with TE-CO having good stock holding of a range of products. The level of customer service is exceptional, any questions or queries we may have are always answered quickly and efficiently.

Hannah C. Wixroyd, England

TE-CO & Raptor Workholding are a preferred supplier for Travers Tool, providing not just high-quality products, but also outstanding support. The TE-CO & Raptor Team are consistently responsive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Travers Tool Flushing, New York

We produce our uprights and all of our suspension components in-house. So having access to high-quality CNC workholding solutions is really important to our team. Without TE-CO, our members wouldn’t be able to get the experiences that they do manufacturing products and taking a component from design all the way through manufacturing.

Alexander Hargett, President Ohio State’s Formula Buckeyes Team

Before investing in the Raptor workholding system from TE-CO, we lacked the ability to use the same style dovetail holder in different machines and move parts around without worry. The Raptor dovetail holders securely hold even very complex parts without failure and we are quite impressed with its rigidity and accuracy. Furthermore, it has a bolt pattern that matches our pallets so there’s no need to create adapter plates or design and develop special fixturing. Perhaps best of all, the Raptor’s lower initial cost compared to other solutions paid for itself within the first few jobs we did. It’s been a very positive experience overall.

Mathew Pauley, Machine Shop Manager Penske Racing Shocks

The single station vises were great vises to get started with and continue to be useful on low volume work. Very affordable, easy to use and bulletproof. They did everything I needed in a high-mix, low volume environment.

And, the 6-inch Toolex vises have been a complete game changer with some of our higher volume work. I am getting 4- to 8-times the through put on the machine depending on the setup. They are extremely rigid and quick-change jaws have been awesome to work with. The chip covers also work extremely well at keeping things clean and preventing small chips from building up in the vises.

Joshua Frost, President Fine Line Machine LLC.

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TE-CO: The Answer for All Your Workholding Needs

To learn more about how our workholding solutions can benefit your business, contact the professionals at TE-CO. We want your company to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity with help from our technical expertise and timely deliveries. Reach out online or contact a local representative to get started.

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