Spring-Loaded Devices

TE-CO Manufacturing is an established leader in providing a wide variety of spring and ball plungers, available in variety of sizes, styles and materials. Ball and spring plungers are devices in which a spring is enclosed in a hollow body, and they feature either a ball or plunger nose. They are designed to provide accurate, repeatable spring pressures for positioning, indexing and ejection of parts, in addition to acting as a detent catch. Whatever the application involving a spring or ball plunger, TE-CO has the solution.

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A Variety of Sizes, Materials, and Custom Options

TE-CO ball and spring plungers are available in various body and nose materials, end forces, and styles. Threaded plungers are available in standard and metric thread sizes, and other styles include press fit (smooth body diameter), many hand-retractable versions (pull ring, lever type, locking and unlocking handle) and even weldable plungers. Ball and nose materials include steel, stainless steel and Delrin.

In addition to our standard offerings, TE-CO produces many custom plungers to address specific customer needs.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Spring-Loaded Devices

TE-CO plungers deliver precise, repeatable end forces. Plungers are available in various sizes, materials and spring end forces to address various applications. Thread size and diameters are available in both English and Metric on many styles. Standard plungers are almost always kept in inventory.

A Wide Variety of Spring-Loaded Devices

TE-CO manufactures spring-loaded devices using an extensive range of materials and finishes, from stainless steel and carbon steel to Delrin.

Design options include:

  • Threaded spring and ball plungers.
  • Press-fit spring and ball plungers.
  • Posi-Hex plungers (one-piece body)
  • Hand-retractable plungers
  • Weldable plungers and latches
  • Spring plunger wrenches are available for installation
  • Inch and metric thread sizes
  • Available with either a hex socket or a slotted end
set of 5 spring loaded devices
set of spring loaded devices

Ball Plungers

Ball plungers are the smallest and lightest spring-loaded devise. They feature a ball at the top that lets the device change position quickly and easily. Ideal for both side-load and top-load pressure, the ball rolls within the body, reducing wear on the workpiece or mating part. TE-CO ball plungers are available in press-fit or threaded bodies and in various materials.

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Spring Loaded Plungers

Spring plungers are among the most common spring-loaded devices used in various machinery applications. An extended nose allows for a larger bearing surface. TE-CO manufactures spring loaded plungers in multiple materials and designs, along with a wide range of spring forces. Short spring plungers work well in areas with constricted space.

Design options include:

  • Press-fit spring loaded plungers
  • Threaded spring plungers
  • One-piece Posi-Hex™ body spring plungers
  • Hex-Nose spring loaded plungers
  • Inch and metric thread sizes
  • Available with either a hex socket or a slotted end

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Hand-Retractable Plungers

Hand-retractable plungers, also known as quick release plungers, are highly efficient for positioning applications requiring fast, easy installation. Handle styles include a ring, L-handle or knob that disengages the plungers for quick removal or repositioning. Many of our hand-retractable units contain a locking feature that allows the user to “lock” the nose inside the plunger body while indexing their fixtures.

TE-CO offers hand-retractable plungers in several designs, materials and finishes. Body materials are steel, stainless steel, and nose material options include the same, along with Delrin. Hand-retractable plungers are also offered in a threaded and weldable body design.

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Discover More With TE-CO Manufacturing

As an industry leader since 1926, TE-CO is recognized as a reliable source for spring and ball plungers, as well as other established workholding devises. Contact the TE-CO team online today for additional product information, pricing and availability.