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Since 1926, TE-CO has been a leader in manufacturing tooling components for industrial workholding and fixture setups. The primary role of these components is to accurately and securely hold base materials while they undergo machining processes. TE-CO manufactures everything that is needed in fixturing set-ups, from t-slot nuts to studs to clamps, providing operators everything that is needed for machining applications. The American-made tooling components, when in action, supply manufacturers with a a broad offering of parts, leading to efficient, flexible and cost-effective fixturing solutions.

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Types of Tooling and Fixturing Components We Offer

TE-CO American-made tooling components encompass many types of clamps, nuts, studs and clamping accessories available individually or in convenient kits. These versatile fixturing solutions are used across a broad industrial landscape beyond traditional workholding.

Tooling Components That We Offer:

  • Clamping Kits contain the most popular items that machinists typically need for basic machining setup applications in a convenient holder. TE-CO kits are available in various configurations and quantities of core tooling components.
  • T-Slot Nuts are the basic foundation for machine fixtures. These slide into the machine’s table and accept studs and bolts, thus becoming the core item from which fixtures are built.
  • Flat Washers and Spherical Washers are critical for many machining functions, including load distribution, friction reduction, and correcting clamping misalignments. These also act as a spacer in many applications.
  • Clamps and Clamping Components hold workpieces or finished parts in place during machining, fabrication, and inspection. TE-CO clamps allow machinists to secure workpieces in fixturing setups.
  • Flange Nuts are utilized to fasten the clamping unit together.  The flanged bottom helps distribute clamping pressures over a larger area than other nuts.  These can be used as fasteners in many applications outside machining applications.
  • Driver Studs are used in conjunction with t-nuts, coupling nuts, flange nuts, and clamps, allowing users to securely hold down the workpiece during machining processes, They can also be used as a fastener in OEM products. The vast majority of TE-CO studs include wrench flats that secures the stud when tightening and prevents damage to the shank diameter.
  • T-Bolts and T-Slot Bolts combine the functionality of a driver stud and T-nut into one unit. They serve many applications in and outside of metalworking, including fastening and construction. These are provided in steel, 4140 steel and stainless steel (T-Bolts only).
  • Other tooling components include Coupling Nuts, Swing and Latch Bolts, Swivel Screw Clamps, Index Plungers and Bushings, and Leveling Pads.

Why Choose TE-CO for Fixturing Components?

Superior Customer Service

TE-CO prioritizes long-lasting relationships with customers by understanding specific customer requirements and working closely to find the optimal workholding solution.

An Extensive Product Range

TE-CO offers one of the market’s most comprehensive ranges of tooling components and other workholding devices. Customers can find solutions to all challenges under one roof.

Exceptional Quality

As an industry leader since 1926,TE-CO designs their products with great attention to detail to ensure optimal accuracy, reliability and performance. TE-CO is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the vast majority of products are manufactured in our Ohio facility.

Industry Expertise

TE-CO inside and outside sales representatives understand the metalworking industry and have a vast knowledge of our products. Our team can help you choose the most effective tooling solution, thus maximizing your manufacturing quality, productivity, and efficiency.

In-Stock Inventory

TE-CO has the right products when you need them with our extensive in-stock inventory.

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TE-CO offers a comprehensive offering of tooling components to an extensive customer base, including job shops, large manufacturing companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Experienced machinists in nearly every industry recognize TE-CO as the leading manufacturer of American-made tooling components and other parts. We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service to each customer, regardless of the size or type of their operation. Contact us online to learn more about how our products can benefit your business.

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As an industry leader since 1926, TE-CO is committed to setting the standard for engineering expertise, superior product quality and world-class customer service. We take pride in offering our customers American-made products with cost-effective pricing and fast turnaround times. Contact our team online today for additional product information, pricing and availability.