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TE-CO Manufacturing offers a full line of CMM fixturing plates, components and kits that are to securely hold parts during the measurement and inspection processes. In addition, tooling balls and tapped hole location gages are offered to further bolster TE-CO’s CMM offering. With the use  of TE-CO plates and components, available in both ¼” and 8mm thread sizes, inspectors can build various fixtures by using a fixture plate and components with one initial investment. Using the same kit contents but changing their position or adding standoffs or extenders, the number of fixtures that one can build is limitless. From automotive to aerospace to medical parts, the available TE-CO CMM systems can handle the job.

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CMM Fixture Plates

TE-CO CMM fixture plates are the foundation of the CMM fixturing system. Available in a variety of sizes, fixture plates are black anodized and provide a flat, stable surface to secure and measure parts with precision and repeatability. All our CMM fixture plates include an alphanumeric grid that allows users to document and rebuild fixtures quickly. Plates include a ¼” on ½” and M8 X 1.25 holes on 15mm centers, offering great flexibility so that multiples fixtures can be build using standard components.

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CMM 1/4″ & M8 Fixturing System

TE-CO basic, comprehensive and magnetic kits offer various components (standoffs, rest pads, clamps, etc.) that offer unlimited versatility when used with CMM fixture plates in an inspection setting. CMM fixtures are built by screwing in standoffs or rest pads into the CMM grid plate. Additional standoffs can be added to a fixture to elevate the part for maximum CMM probing. When parts are properly positioned, a soft touch clamp can be actuated over the resting points. Only light pressure is needed to securely hold a part in place, and CMM clamps are actuated with a press of a finger. Fixtures can be documented for future use, but the core components can be changed and/or repositioned for the next CMM fixturing challenge.

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Tapped Hole Location Gages

TE-CO tapped hole Location Gages, available in both English and Metric thread sizes, are used to accurately measure the distance between two tapped holes in a workpiece. They are a two-piece construction and offer the same diameter on all gages to simplify the calculation of the hold spread. All diameters are concentric within .0002” TIR.

Tooling Balls

Tooling balls are used as reference points for inspection applications in conjunction with CMM machines to accurately measure the workpiece. TE-CO tooling balls are offered in various ball and diameter sizes, in addition to materials and tolerances, to address multiple set-ups.

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TE-CO sales and customer service personnel, as well as a national network of manufacturing representatives, can assist you in addressing your CMM fixturing needs. For more information on how the TE-CO system, please contact TE-CO customer service or reach us online.