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TE-CO Manufacturing is recognized as a leading supplier of workholding components and fasteners backed by high quality products, fast turnaround times and world-class customer service. We serve a broad client base, including many of the industry’s most recognized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) suppliers.

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Custom & Tailored Solutions

TE-CO collaborates with OEMs and MRO suppliers to create custom solutions tailored to their product requirements. Through these partnerships, we help these clients fulfill their visions by providing the product expertise and technical support they need for successful project implementations.

a bunch of nuts and washers on a white background

OEM and MRO Components From TE-CO Manufacturing

TE-CO products solve challenges presented by OEMs and MRO manufacturers and suppliers. Many times TE-CO provides custom solutions beyond the typical, off-the-shelf offerings from other manufacturers. Our OEM components often serve as the foundation for developing customized fixtures, purpose-built equipment and specialized machinery that meet their application needs.

As products evolve and new items are presented, often TE-CO has the solution with a standard part. Original equipment manufacturers utilize TE-CO components to solve challenges by implementing them in innovative ways that go beyond the traditional or intended use of a product.

Wide-Ranging Industry Solutions

Maintenance and repair parts solutions from TE-CO serve a comprehensive range of purposes across various industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics manufacturing.

spring loaded devices

Spring-Loaded Devices

TE-CO spring-loaded devices deliver precise, repeatable spring forces in applications involving locating, positioning and ejecting components. TE-CO plungers come in various thread sizes and diameters, spring pressures, and styles. Materials include steel, stainless steel and delrin.

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T-Slot Nuts

T-slot nuts  typically pair with a threaded bolt or stud to hold fixtures and workpieces in place by securing components to the machine table. These nuts feature large surface areas and optimal thread engagement to accommodate heavy-duty machine mounting and holding applications. In addition, OEMs use them for securing adjustable seating, aluminum framing or other items that slide along a channeled track, enabling the user to loosen, adjust, and re-tighten the object being held with the t-nut.

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Threaded Rods

TE-CO threaded rods are heavy-duty threaded fasteners made with medium carbon steel and a black oxide finish. The end-to-end threads and high-strength material allow them to join and connect components while assisting with stabilization, making them suitable for tasks ranging from building and bridge construction to securing engines for heavy-duty manufacturing equipment. Our large in-stock inventory includes a broad selection of lengths and thread sizes.

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Flat Washers

TE-CO Flat washers work well for various machining functions, including friction reduction, load distribution and correcting misalignments in clamping. Available in various ID’s and OD’s, TE-CO flat washer materials are case-hardened steel and stainless steel.

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Spherical Washers

Spherical washers from TE-CO are ideal for securing critical components in place and aligning intricate parts during assembly. These washers reduce stress on threads while helping compensate for slight misalignment between the strap clamp and workpiece. We offer an extensive range of sizes in steel and stainless steel.

spherical washers

Clamping Levers

Clamping levers are easy-to-use devices for a multitude of applications including securing fixtures and workpieces in position. We offer a comprehensive range of lever components, including hand wheels, handles and knobs.

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Flange Nuts

Flange nuts from TE-CO are available in three different styles. The most popular is the standard one-piece construction that helps distribute holding pressures against a flat surface. A swivel flange nut has a two-piece construction that allows the body to rotate but keeps the bottom portion stationary, thus preventing marring of the workpiece but still providing ample holding pressure. A third style is a spherical flange nut, which has a convex base that is used in conjunction with the concave/top portion of a spherical washer to tighten slightly uneven surfaces.

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Since 1926 TE-CO has provided various high quality tooling components and fasteners. We strive to establish long-term relationships with OEMs and MRO suppliers by offering the workholding and fastener solutions they need. Contact the TE-CO team online or call customer service and put our knowledge and experience to use.