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The American-made Toolex vise system by TE-CO combines high manufactured tolerances and exceptional versatility, due to a wide variety of jaws and accessories. Available in vise widths of 4, 6 and 8 inches, and in various lengths, Toolex double-station and quad vises offer workholding solutions unlike any other vise system. Improve your operations with a workholding system from Toolex.

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Toolex Vises

Toolex vise bodies are made from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron, and the ways are flame-hardened and ground to accuracies of ±0.0005 inches. These double-station and quad CNC vises are available in manual and hydraulic configurations and jaw widths of 4, 6 and 8 inches.

The accessories offered by Toolex are unlike any other workholding system. In addition to being used with machinable and hard jaw configurations, Toolex offers fixture plates that cover the entire vise surface, the patented AccuSnap master jaw system that accurately secures parallels, mill angles, and machinable jaws, leading to improved workholding system performance. If a larger vise opening is offered, one can mount a single-station conversion plate onto the vise, remove the center jaw, and the vise becomes a large single-station vise.

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double-station vise

Double-Station Vises

Toolex double-station vises include both side rails and through-the-body mounting configurations. The Toolex modular body design and method of attaching jaws and accessories allow multiple vises to be mounted side-by-side on the machine table, columns and/or grid plates, thus maximizing the machine’s capacity and increasing productivity.

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8-station vise

Quad Vises

For horizontal CNC machines and indexers, Toolex offers eight-station units. Vises are available with several baseplate configurations including our universal baseplate, as well as 400mm and 500mm baseplates. Units come standard with edge locating, but center locating is also available. Toolex also offers the appropriate hardware that allows quad units to be used with rotary indexers in vertical machining centers, leading to vastly increased productivity.

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Machinable Vise Jaws

Machinable Vise Jaws

SnapLock machinable jaws can be attached, reversed or indexed in a matter of seconds. Toolex machinable jaws are available in aluminum, 1018 steel and 4140 steel.  These jaws are available in standard, tall, and wide sizes, allowing for various customization opportunities.

Fixture Plates

Toolex aluminum fixture plates allow machinists to utilize the vise for parts that do not fit in the traditional vise openings.  Ideal for holding many small parts at one time.  Fixture plates can be changed out quickly creating a pallet shuttle system that allows users to load parts outside the machine, reducing machine downtime.

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AccuSnap Jaws and Parallels

The patented AccuSnap parallel and accessory system allows for vise, mill angle and machinable change-outs in seconds while maintaining extreme accuracy. Accessories snap into spring-loaded master jaws and are ejected with a simple turn of a wrench. AccuSnap jaws mount to Toolex carrier jaws and other industry-standard vises due to a universal bolt pattern. Workstops are available that mount onto parallels and offer accurate workpiece location and repeatability.

set of 3 snap lock jaws

QuickChange Jaws and Parallels

The original parallel system from Toolex, called QuickChange, incorporates a dovetail on the bottom of the jaw that accepts parallels, mill angles, and machinable jaws. QuickChange parallels and other accessories slide into the side of the master jaw and are held in place by plungers and a locking screw. Designed originally for single-station vises, the QuickChange system can be used with various vise brands using a universal bolt pattern.

quick change jaws

Single-Station Vises

TE-CO offers single-station vises in 4”, 6” and 8” widths with larger vise capacities than many competitors. Vises are manufactured from 80,000-PSI ductile iron and offer repeatability of +/-0.001. Bed heights are matched to +/-0.0005. Vises are powered coated and offer hardened vise bed and jaw plates. Outside vise rails are machined within 0.0005” square to the jaw. For the best performance, pair a Single-Station vise with TE-CO Economy Parallels and a Para-Keep Parallel Keeper to secure parallels during machining.

single-station vise made by TE-CO

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