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TE-CO offers a wide variety of aircraft-grade hoist rings that provide solutions when lifting heavy loads, regardless of the industry. TE-CO hoist ring styles include pivoting or swiveling units that prevent twisting or tangling of the lifting chains, enhancing ease of use and operator safety, as well as TE-CO hoist rings help eliminate the chance of pitch, roll and sway when lifting and transporting loads, preventing injury to operators and valuable equipment.

Each hoist ring is 200% proof load tested, has a safety factor of 5:1, and has its own serial number for traceability.

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Hoist Ring Applications

Hoist rings are connected to threaded holes on tooling, equipment or other heavy items, creating a safe and secure attachment point for lifting systems such as overhead cranes and lifts, hoists, chains and slings.

The ring portion of the hoist ring assembly can pivot or swivel to help accommodate shifts in alignment and load direction, which is critical in heavy-lifting applications. Simpler lifting hardware, such as eyebolts, can only handle a load that aligns with the bolt, while hoist rings can accommodate loads pulling at various angles.

Hoist rings serve lifting and rigging applications in various industries ranging from oil and gas to construction and manufacturing.

a bunch of different types of hoist rings on a white background
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Types of TE-CO Heavy-Duty Hoist Rings

Safety-Engineered Hoist Rings

TE-CO safety-engineered hoist rings feature designs optimized for safe lifting and are manufactured from AISI 4140 aircraft-quality steel and 316 series stainless steel. They are also 200% proof-load tested, 100% magnetic particle inspected and produced with traceable serial numbers.

Swivel Hoist Rings

With the ability to pivot 180 degrees and swivel a full 360 degrees, swivel hoist rings can lift a load from any angle or direction. These rings are the most common designs for industrial use and work best when lifting from the load’s center. The oversized bales of our large-opening swivel hoist rings are compatible with various hook styles and sizes.

a bunch of different types of hoist rings on a white background

Side-Load Hoist Rings

The difference between conventional and side-load hoist rings is that side-load rings lift and pull loads laterally instead of from the top. Our side-load hoist ring selection contains aircraft-quality alloys and extra-large rings.

Forged Hoist Rings

These rings pivot 180 degrees but do not rotate. They include a fixed mounting plate that holds the ring secure.

Large Opening Swivel & Pivot Hoist Rings

With an extra large ring, these ring styles accept many styles/sizes of hoist hooks.

Pivot Lifting Plates

Eliminate the need for screws by using pivot lifting plates, which include a rugged tapered plate which can be welded into position.

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Round Base Swivel & Pivot Hoist Rings

These are perfect for pre-cast concrete products where a threaded anchor or stud can be cast into the concrete part.

Street Plate Lifting Rings

Used in conjunction with large trench plates in street and roadway projects. The ring lugs are used for tightening and loosening with a hammer or street bar.

Safety-Engineered Hoist Ring Kits

TE-CO safety-engineered hoist ring kits include everything you need to create a customized hoist ring specific to your application, including E-rings, washers, screws and bushings.

Ensuring Hoist Ring Safety

Prioritizing safety and ensuring proper placement is crucial when using any specific hoist ring design. Operators should also inspect each component for wear and damage before each use, including the threaded hole. In addition, operators should only use hoist rings within their rated load limit to prevent overloading or failure.

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